Future Meetings and Events

Format for Meetings:

All meetings are scheduled to take place at HOA#2 MountainView Ballroom or the HOA#1 Activities Center. The location is stated on the announcencement. (see the Welcome page for the address and a map).

Coffee and tea is usually available around 10:00 AM. Generally at 10:30 AM the program begins with announcements and introductions before the formal meeting. The plan is to conclude the presentation by 11:30 AM, leaving a good half hour for Q and A and discussion.  Sometimes, of course the preponderance of the program will consist of discussion.  In any case, by 1 PM, we’re out of there!

When the meetings are held at the HOA#1 Activity Center, pot luck brunch is served. The Facilities Coordinator is in charge of set-up, refreshments, and clean-up and is seeking volunteers to help.  Provided beverages will be coffee, tea, tomato and orange juice -with or without vodka. Members bring the great food to eat and share. Oh yes, as we have to pay $75 each time for use of the Activities center when we have a brunch, we will have to collect donations at the door – about $4 per couple is recommended, but not obligatory.  We need some extra dollars to cover the cost of nametags, coffee, juice, paper goods, etc.  In addition, we give each presenter a $50 gift certificate for Barnes and Noble – Obviously just a token, but some expression of our appreciation.

Future Meetings:

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2015 10 AM


Potluck BRunch with the Burning Mestique a secular musical group will provide songs for thought.



HOA#2 MounainView Ballroom

Boyd and Madeline Bosma will report on Refugees from Bhutan