Future Meetings and Events

Format for Meetings:

All meetings are scheduled to take place at HOA#2 MountainView Ballroom or the HOA#1 Activities Center. The location is stated on the announcencement. (see the Welcome page for the address and a map).

Coffee and tea is usually available around 10:00 AM. Generally at 10:30 AM the program begins with announcements and introductions before the formal meeting. The plan is to conclude the presentation by 11:30 AM, leaving a good half hour for Q and A and discussion.  Sometimes, of course the preponderance of the program will consist of discussion.  In any case, by 1 PM, we’re out of there!

When the meetings are held at the HOA#1 Activity Center, pot luck brunch is served. The Facilities Coordinator is in charge of set-up, refreshments, and clean-up and is seeking volunteers to help.  Provided beverages will be coffee, tea, tomato and orange juice -with or without vodka. Members bring the great food to eat and share. Oh yes, as we have to pay $75 each time for use of the Activities center when we have a brunch, we will have to collect donations at the door – about $4 per couple is recommended, but not obligatory.  We need some extra dollars to cover the cost of nametags, coffee, juice, paper goods, etc.  In addition, we give each presenter a $50 gift certificate for Barnes and Noble – Obviously just a token, but some expression of our appreciation.

Future Meetings:

SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2015 9:45 AM                                                    HOA#2 MountainView Ballroom


Dr. Gil Shapiro present a talk titled “A Secular Perspective on End of Life Issues”. It will begin at 10:30 AM. Come early at 9:45AM for a coffee social and to meet the speaker.

Dr. Shapiro will discuss how and why secular and religious views about life and living are different and how these differences create opposing opinions on death and dying.  He will also address the politics and economics of end of life issues. He will defend his position that “Clearheaded decisions can only be made by rational thinkers who use critical reasoning”.

As a spokesman for Freethought Arizona, Dr. Shapiro feels strongly that the secular voice must be heard in our society. He is knowledgeable about the sometimes dangerous intersection of politics, culture and religion. He has shared his thoughts with audiences in Tucson and SaddleBrooke, and has published about 50 guest opinions in our local newspapers. He moderates Freethought Café, a casual monthly get-together where relevant issues are discussed and debated.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2015 10 AM

HOA#2 MountainView Ballroom

Burning Mestique a secular musical group will provide songs for thought.



HOA#2 MounainView Ballroom

Boyd and Madeline Bosma will report on Refugees from Bhutan